1. About me

    I’m a 26-year-old from sunny San Diego, California. I decided to join Tumblr and start a fitness blog because I needed something to motivate me and hold me accountable.

    See, three years ago I was embarking on the wonderful journey that is college — Chico State to be exact. I spent three amazing, unforgettable, thrilling years there. However, during my time there I stop taking care of myself. I was up until late and up way too early. I ate out almost every day and I enjoyed a few brews too. It was an amazing time, but my body suffered the consequences. I managed to gain about 30 lbs. I wish I gained the freshman 15, but with me it was more like the transfer thirty.

    So, three wonderful years passed and now I’m back in America’s Finest City, with some extra baggage. I knew I wanted to get back to my fit 120 self, but I lacked the motivation the first few months I was back. Then one day I said, “Get off your ass or it’s only going to get bigger,” and here I am, 10 lbs lighter :)

    I know it’s going to be a while until I’m back to my playing-three-soccer-games-in-one-day days, but at least I’m trying.


    Height: 4’11’

    HW: Around 150

    SW: 148

    CW: 138

    UG: Around 115-120 (mostly just feel healthy and fit)

    This is me on 6/29/12 after a run around the neighborhood.