1. This looks delicious.

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  2. healthiie: is easily one of the best recipe sites online.. but sifting through a million recipes to find yummy & healthy recipes can be hard. The healthy section has a lot of lol-worthy “healthy” options (cinnamon sugar pork rinds? are you serious? in the healthy section? ok.) & There’s a ton of great healthy recipes buried in other sections around the site. Here’s a list of some worth looking at!

    PS - when you change the number of servings, it automatically scales the ingredients down for you!


    xo Mia

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  3. I’m back!

    I’ve been traveling and camping in Northern California and I didn’t have internet access. Anyway, haven’t been the healthiest this last week, but that all changes starting today! :D I need to get back on track.
    BTW, I’ve lost three more pounds!! *doing a happy dance
  4. fitvillains:

    Today’s Workout: The Perfect 10!

    10 moves, 10 reps, max rounds in 30 minutes. Read the instructions & modifications before starting.


    Are you doing the 1000 Pushup challenge? Use the bonus instructions below to boost your numbers! You’ll get a sick workout while getting closer to your goal. (If you’re doing pushups with the burpee, count those too!)

    Pushup Challenge BONUS.

    • START the workout with 20 pushups. 
    • Do 5 pushups (ANY variation) after each and every move (even the T-Pushups). 
    • Finish the workout with 20 pushups.

    3 rounds = 220 pushups. Not bad!

    KILL IT!

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  5. thefitty:


    Hard work. That’s all you need.

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  6. Promo time!


    I’ll do the promo tomorrow night!

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    Go! :D